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Super-R: Supercomputing and R for Data-Intensive Analysis

BOF session at SC’13 in Denver

Wednesday, November 20: 5:30PM - 7:00PM, Room 404

R has become popular for data analysis in many fields, drawing power from its high-level expressiveness and numerous domain-specific packages. While R is clearly a "high productivity" language, it is not known as a "high performance" language. However, recent efforts have resulted in methods for effectively scaling R to the power of supercomputers. This BOF will consist of presentations at the intersection of supercomputing and R, followed by audience discussion to share experiences, needs, and questions. The ultimate goal is to help build a community of users and experts interested in applying R to solve data intensive problems on supercomputers.

Session Leaders:

  • Weijia Xu - Texas Advanced Computing Center, University of Texas at Austin
  • George Ostrouchov - Oak Ridge National Laboratory and University of Tennessee
  • Hui Zhang - Pervasive Technology Institute, Indiana University

Detailed Schedule:

  1. Technical Presentations
    • Overview of XSEDE and data intensive analysis support with R - Niall Gaffney, TACC and Eric Wernert, IU/PTI
    • Parallel interfaces of R, including pbdR and RHadoop - George Ostrouchov
    • R with Intel Xeon Phi on Stampede - Weijia Xu, TACC
    • Q & A session
  2. Open discussion (Weijia Xu, Hui Zhang, Drew Schmidt, Matt Vaughn, Huian Li, Guangchen Ruan)

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