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Supporting workflows towards digital fabrication for Herron students

Project Leads: Jeff Rogers, UITS Research Technologies

Advanced Visualization Lab, Visualization and Analytics, UITS Research Technologies

Digital Fabrication Process

During the 2013 fall semester two Herron School of Art sculpture students received support with 3D scanning and prototyping technologies from the Advanced Visualization Lab. The students needed assistance scanning body parts and converting the resulting data into 3D printable surface meshes. Jamie Dickerson’s work resulted in a face mask. Liz Wierzbicki intends to create dinnerware based on the design of the human hand. 

The Advanced Visualization Lab is helping lead the way to the future for Herron sculpture students. AVL expertise with 3D scanning technology and experience with massaging data for 3D printing systems proved to be very valuable to students trying to understand and utilize the technology for their own purposes. Working with new students is enabling AVL staff to refine the workflows for quicker and more accurate prototyping for future clients and collaborators. 

Herron art students have access to rapid prototyping technologies and are being encouraged to utilize the technology for artistic applications. Sculpture students are not necessarily skilled at utilizing digital 3D modeling programs like Autodesk Maya. Instead of creating digital objects from scratch, many prefer to start with a 3D surface scan that then may be prototyped as mold for further sculpting materials and processes. Creating polygon meshes that work with prototyping machines from 3D surface scan data is not trivial as it requires a sealed volume polygonal dataset. With AVL’s expertise and guidance, students are able to make better use of 3D scanning and prototyping technology. 

NSF GSS Codes:

Primary Field: Multidisciplinary Studies (980) - Science, Technology, and Society

Secondary Field: Computer Science (401) - Information Science/Studies