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Preparing and prototyping a bird skull for analysis

Project Lead: Jeff Rogers, Advanced Visualization Lab, Research Technologies, Indiana University


Water Tight Skull

Collaborators Rob Suthers and Kenneth Jensen from IU Department of Medical Sciences received a high quality 3D geometric model of a bird skull from Micro CT scans. The resulting model was rapid prototyped into a tangible object for acoustical research related to communication. The model can also be imported into specialized software to simulate sound inside the skull.

Suthers and Jensen will be able to extend their research into the “neuroethology of acoustic communication”1, focusing on song production in song birds. This research goal is to “bridge the gap between [avian vocal communication] underlying neural mechanisms and its behavioral ecology.” (from: retrieved on 2/13/13)

Medical Sciences collaborators have benefitted from AVL expertise in the past for analytical video production for publications. They recognized AVL’s authority on rapid prototyping technology and requested assistance creating 3D geometry from micro CT data for the purpose of prototyping. AVL’s extensive understanding of the needs of prototyping machines coupled with the visualization expertise helped them by providing a “water tight” 3D geometric dataset for prototyping.

NSF GSS Codes:

Primary Field: Zoology (616) - Animal Behavior and Ethology

Secondary Field: Computer Science (401) - Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications