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Dental 3D Printing

Project Leads: Jeff Rogers, Advanced Visualization Laboratory, UITS Research Technologies

Rendering of 3d models
Figure 1. A concept rendering of the process of developing the 3D models.

The Advanced Visualization Lab (AVL) worked with IU School of Dentistry (IUSD) faculty and researcher Dr. Ahmed Ghoneima to produce physical 3D prototypes of teeth and dental guide caps. AVL created a repeatable workflow including custom scripts for CAD programs, empowering Dr. Ghoneima to produce dozens more teeth and matching caps on his own.

3D Printing technology continues to be applied to novel applications. This project introduced new challenges as the client sought a repeatable workflow for generating prototypes on his own. The software techniques developed for and applied to this project will help future clients. Furthermore, this project offered the opportunity to experiment with new materials. 

IUSD personnel are now able to create print-ready 3D STL (STereoLithography) meshes using developed Rhinoscripts and Visual Basic for Applications scripts. Tested materials include white strong and flexible, high detail, and frosted ultra-dental plastics.

IU’s Advanced Visualization Lab is funded through the Office of the Vice President for Information Technology; is a unit of UITS Research Technologies; and is affiliated with the Pervasive Technology Institute. For questions about this project or to request a consultation, please contact

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