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In partnership with the Department of Telecommunication, staff at the Advanced Visualization Lab at IU have developed workflows for and are supporting the advanced production of live-action stereoscopic video. To aid the project, a high- end custom stereoscopic camera rig was designed and built in-house and special workstations dedicated to the editing and processing of large video files have been acquired.

All necessary hardware and software components are available for loan to IU students, staff, and faculty. The most common usage scenario is an annual stereoscopic video production course created and taught by Telecommunication in collaboration with the Advanced Visualization Lab. This new technology and expertise has been employed for dozens of stereoscopic films and productions. In the Spring 2011, the newly renovated IU Cinema (now capable of stereoscopic projection) presented a “Best of” showcase highlighting the latest stereoscopic content created by the IU community. Inaddition to the Cinema, the Lab maintains numerous displaysand venues that benefit from a constant stream of new material.

This initiative has generated new interest in stereoscopic viewing and affords the IU community further opportunity to create engaging and impactful content. Locally interested schools and departments include, but are not limited to, Telecommunications, Music, Athletics, Astronomy, Kinesiology, and Informatics. It has also helped to thrust IU into a national leadership role regarding the research and education of stereoscopic 3D technologies.

NSF GSS Codes:

Primary Field: Communication (930) - Mass Communication/Media Studies

Secondary Field: Communication (930) - Digital Communication and Media/Multimedia