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Craig Stewart

Craig Stewart

Executive Director, Pervasive Technology Institute
Associate Dean, Research Technologies
Dr. Stewart's CV

As Executive Director of PTI, Dr. Stewart coordinates much of the "delivery and support" portion of PTI's "Research, development, delivery, and support" roles. He coordinates the PTI Service and Cyberinfrastructure and their services to PTI research centers and the community at large, as well as many PTI-related activities in economic development. Stewart serves as Associate Dean of Research Technologies at Indiana University, and is responsible for IU's activities in high performance computing, advanced storage, advanced visualization, and IT infrastructure for the life sciences. He is principal investigator for NSF grants to Indiana University for the National Center for Genome Analysis Support and IU's participation in XSEDE - the eXtreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment. as a resource provider in the NSF-funded TeraGrid. Stewart has worked in computing at Indiana University since 1985. A Ph.D. biologist, Stewart has published in the areas of grid computing, high performance computing, computing for the life sciences, quality and accountability in information technology services, and thermal physiology and natural history of mammals.

Matthew Link

Matthew Link

Director, Systems

Matthew Link is Director of Systems for IU's Research Technologies division in addition to serving as an Associate Director for both the Pervasive Technology Institute Digital Science Center and Data to Insight Center.  Link has more than fifteen years of experience working in higher education technology, including student technologies, messaging and telecommunication, Unix Systems support, and high performance computing. In his current roles, Link oversees the management of Indiana University's research technologies systems including high performance computing and data storage. Link is an active member of the planning committee for the IEEE/ACM Supercomputing (SCxy) Conference and has been involved with the conference since 2003. Link also serves as Technical Equipment Lead for the NSF-funded Polar Grid: Cyberinfrastructure for Polar Science project led by Indiana University.

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Eric Wernert

Eric A. Wernert, Ph.D.

Director, Visualization & Analytics

Dr. Eric Wernert serves as Director, Visualization and Analytics, and Associate Director of the Data to Insight Center and is Senior Manager and Scientist for Visualization Technologies and Futures for the Research Technologies Division of IU. Wernert is responsible for providing strategic leadership for the Indiana University system in the area of advanced visualization, including setting university-wide strategy for visualization and strategic management of visualization facilities. Wernert is also responsible for UITS research services in the emerging area of analytics - including the UITS Center for Statistical and Mathematical Computing. Wernert has led visualization initiatives for the IU School of Medicine and has held leadership roles in the visualization components of funded research projects from the National Institutes of Health and National Science Foundation. Wernert holds a B.A. in Mathematics from Bellarmine College, and an M.S. and Ph.D. in Computer Science from Indiana University.

Bill Barnett

Bill Barnett, Ph.D.

Director, Science Community Tools

William Barnett serves as Director, Science Community Tools and Associate Director of the Center for Advanced Cybersecurity Research. Barnett also serves as Director of Information Architectures for the Indiana Clinical and Translational Science Institute and Director of the National Center for Genome Analysis Suport (NCGAS). In addition to his experience in information technologies for the life sciences, Barnett also has experience in digital libraries, multimedia technologies and has worked in both museum and nonprofit environments. Before coming to IU, Barnett was Deputy Director of the Fresno Metropolitan Museum in California and Vice President and CIO at the Field Museum in Chicago, Illinois. Barnett holds degrees from the College of William and Mary, and Boston University.

Therese Miller

Therese Miller

Manager of Collaboration and Engagement for Research Technologies

Therese Miller brings over thirty-five years of experience in higher education, including financial management and personnel administration to her role as Manager of Collaboration and Engagement for Research Technologies. Most recently she has served as Chief Operations Officer and Operations Manager of Pervasive Technology Institute from 2001 through 2011. Miller has extensive experience in issues related to grant management, including compliance, reporting, and proposal budgeting and submission. Miller served for over two decades as an accounting manager in the IU Office of the Vice President for Information Technology and its predecessors. In her current role, she oversees  project management and grant compliance, education, outreach and training programs, economic development activities and setting strategic direction as part of the senior leadership team of the Research Technologies Division.


Rudeana Honeycutt

Administrative Assistant

Bonnie Smith

Administrative Assistant