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PTI and its affiliated organizations and its predecessors have for many years had a strong presence at major national and international conferences. Below (in reverse chronological order) is a sampling of some of the major events at which the Indiana University Pervasive Technology Institute or one of its affiliated organizations has had a strong and important presence:

SC 2015 - Austin, TX

IU's SC15 lineup delivers a range of exhibits from the Pervasive Technology Institute, the Global Research Network Operations Center, and the IU School of Informatics and Computing.

  • A tour of the solar system
  • CACR and Trustworthy Science
  • Chloroplast movements enable the leaf as a canvas
  • Cloud Infrastructure for Science Gateways and Science Applications on Jetstream
  • The Earth's Changing Climate
  • Functionality of the Network Work Bench on Jetstream
  • IU International Networking Update
  • Jetstream UI demo: science and engineering in the cloud made simple
  • Jump on Jetstream
  • Natural Disasters
  • UltraScan - an HPC Science Gateway for Biophysics
  • Understanding the Earth System through HPC
  • Using Apache Airavata to Enable Science and Cyberinfrastructure Research
  • What do 1024 Cores, 13 Million Books, and an Elephant have in common? - Providing Secure Analysis for the HathiTrust Digital Library

Indiana University @ SC2015
Official Booth Photo
SC 2015 (Official conference site)

SC 2014 - New Orleans, LA

"Our Legacy.  Your Future." At Indiana University, innovation isn't the latest buzzword.  It's a way of life.  Our legacy is rooted in a passion for it.  Our present is defined by our commitment to it.  Your future will be shaped by our drive to redefine it.  IU’s SC14 lineup delivered a range of exhibits from PTI and the GlobalNOC—two world-class organizations that embody the university’s commitment to scholarly innovation, groundbreaking research, and discovery and included:

  • NOAA's Science On a Sphere
  • National Center for Genome Analysis Support
  • Polar cyberinfrastructure
  • Low-energy/extreme envioronments computing
  • Campus bridging
  • Immersive tools to support interactive data-intensive visualization
  • Photosynthesis in action
  • Supporting Science Gateways
  • GlobalNOC Worldview
  • International Networks at Indiana University
  • Cybersecurity for HPC and science
  • The HathiTrust Research Center

Indiana University @ SC2014
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SC 2014 (Official conference site)

SC 2013 - Denver, CO

"Moving at the Speed of Innovation" was the theme for the Indiana University exhibit at SC13.  Visitors learned about seven large themes reflected in the talks and demonstrations above: Big data, Experimental systems, Cybersecurity, Networks, Exascale, User environments, and Education & Outreach and included:

  • An opportunity to speak to experts Andrew Lumsdaine, Beth Plale, Craig Stewart, and Von Welch
  • Videos related to demonstrations and activites in the exhibit
  • Demonstrations on:
    • Big Red II and large-scale text mining on HathiTrust Corpus
    • COMMAND.PLAN.EXECUTE:  An interactive natural language understanding and planning system
    • Distributed computing:  Enabling IU researchers using the Open Science Grid
    • Polar Research Operations Center:  Field cyberinfrastructure operations and data management
    • NASA's Operation IceBridge
    • High-performance HIPAA:  Institutional strategies and tactics for managing protected health information
    • National Center for Genome Analysis Support
    • SEAD Virtual Archive:  Tool for data preservation in sustainability science
    • Gyrokinetic toroidal code using ParalleX
    • Large graphs on Big Red II
    • GlobalNOC Worldview
    • International Networking at IU:  Connecting the world's research and education communities
    • OpenFlow in support of research
    • Visualizing NOAA's N-Wave
    • Trustworthy scientific computing
    • Immersive tools to support interactive and data-intensive visualization
    • Interactive visualization with a cluster:  Remote rendering and interactivity via the abstract rendering framework
    • The living canvas:  Painting with chloroplasts
    • Supporting science gateways with Apache Airvata
    • Ready, Set, Robots!:  Early development of STEM interest in K-12

Indiana University @ SC2013
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SC 2013 (Official conference site)

SC 2012 - Salt Lake City, UT

Indiana University leads higher education in the advancement of high performance computing and networking technologies. At SC12, IU continues to distinguish itself with a full lineup of exhibits from PTI and the GlobalNOC—two-world class organizations that embody the university’s commitment to scholarly innovation, groundbreaking research, and discovery.  The theme for the exhibit this year was "Mapping innovation. Bridging to the future." and included:

  • A full schedule of talks and presentations
  • Demonstrations on:
    • Computational fluid dynamics with ParalleX
    • Cybersecurity:  HPC and scientific cyberinfrastructure
    • Digital fabrication and advanced scientific visualization
    • Exploring XSEDE ECSS activities
    • FutureGrid
    • GlobalNOC Worldview
    • GEANT and ACE:  Delivering high-speed transatlantic infrastructure
    • IQ-Tilt Table
    • National Center for Genome Analysis Support
    • Penguin on Demand at IU
    • Poke holes in my thoughts (swimming at the edge)
    • Reconstructing functional topologies
    • SEAD DataNet and sustainability science
    • Supercomputing in your face (HPX's asynchronous and concurrent processing capabilities)
    • Visualizaton of network data provenance
    • Visualizing NOAA's N-Wave

Visitors also had a chance to learn about five large themes reflected in the talks and demonstrations above: Experimental systems, Cybersecurity, Networks, Exascale, and Big data.

Indiana University @ SC2012
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SC 2012 (Official conference site)

SC 2011 - Seattle, WA

IU's Pervasive Technology Institute and Global Research Network Operations Center, or GlobalNOC, hosted the "Moving Fast, Thinking Big" exhibit, where visitors were able to engage in a variety of interactive demonstrations, including:

  • FutureGrid
  • Performance study of a molecular dynamics code using the Vampir Toolchain
  • GlobalNOC Worldview
  • ParalleX: Paradigm shifts in parallel computing
  • FlowScale: Highly scalable load balancing using OpenFlow

Visitors also had a chance to see IU's Sandbox entry in action. The IU team will presented "The Data Superconductor: An HPC cloud using data-intensive scientific applications, Lustre-WAN and OpenFlow over 100Gb Ethernet".

Indiana University @ SC2011
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SC 2011 (Official conference site)

SC 2010 - New Orleans, LA

"Look to the Future of High Performance Computing," hosted by Pervasive Technology Institute (PTI) at Indiana University, features talks and demonstrations by top computational scientists exploring timely questions: How can supercomputers help predict the spread of infectious disease? What will the next generation of computational grids and clouds look like? How can we best preserve the massive data sets produced by the next generation of supercomputers? How can we help scientists discover and access the best computational tools and data for their work? How can network engineers better manage large-scale research networks that support supercomputing activities? What is the best way to prepare and educate the next generation of computational experts?

Read the press release
Indiana University @ SC2010
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SC 2010 (Official conference site)

SC 2009 - Portland, OR

The Indiana University Data Center meets the needs of today, while respecting tomorrow. In fall of 2009, IU opened its new state-of-the-art Data Center to house crucial computing, networking and storage equipment, including IU's Big Red and Quarry Supercomputers and the IU Data Capacitor. The three 10,000-square-foot machine rooms of the single-story Data Center are built to withstand tornadoes and other natural disasters, providing a safe and stable hub for our current computing equipment, as well as space for anticipated digital expansion in the coming decades.

Indiana University @ SC2009
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SC 2009
 (Official conference site)

SC 2008 - Austin, TX

Indiana University is enabling new types of research, pedagogy, creative activity, and community impact by building one of the world's foremost research computing environments. IU's presence at the 2008 Supercomputing conference builds on the successes from last year's conference, notably its bandwidth challenge victory and strong showing in the cluster challenge. Highlighted at the conference were presentations in: Grids and Cyberinfrastructure, Digital Arts & Humanities (IDAH), Life Sciences, and special musical events. IU collaborated with Technische Universitat Dresden, forming the "ClusterMeisters," a team of undergraduates from both institutions, to compete in the Cluster Challenge. The team was successful, winning the Challenge.


Indiana University @ SC2008
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SC 2008
 (Official conference site)

SC2007 - Reno, NV

Indiana University's booth at the 2007 conference highlighted IU's advanced cyberinfrastructure that provides a solid foundation for the development of new innovations. Science gateways, developed at IU to help researchers work beyond the challenges of data collection and computation, were also showcased through IU's conference presentations. Additionally, a team lead by IU won the Bandwidth Challenge competition at the conference.

Indiana University @ SC2007
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SC 2007 (Official conference site)

SC2006 - Tampa, FL


Indiana University is enabling new types of research, pedagogy, creative activity, and community impact by building one of the world's foremost research computing —and computing research —environment. This environment combines deep human expertise, robust systems and services, and advances in computer science and informatics to address the needs of researchers and their collaborators on the local, national, and international stage. This architecture of people, technologies, applications, and collaborations, based on a strong foundation of institutional commitment, comprises IU's Foundations for Innovation.

Indiana University @ SC2006
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SC 2006 (Official conference site)

SC2005 - Seattle, WA

Indiana University put the product out front in 2005 with the "Research Works" booth, highlighting the leading researchers and projects supported by the advanced IT team at IU.

Indiana University @ SC2005
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Read 2005 SC Report
SC 2005 (Official conference site)

SC2004 - Pittsburgh, PA

SC2004, held in Pittsburgh, marked the seventh year of Indiana University's participation in SC conferences. The "Indiana University @ SC2004" booth featured research at Indiana University and was deemed as one of the best university exhibits.

Indiana University @ SC2004 
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SC 2004 (Official conference site)

SC2003 - Phoenix, AZ

SC2003 continued the "Research in Indiana " theme with three participating institutions - Indiana University , Purdue University, and the University of Notre Dame. During SC2003, all three universities were awarded major grants to develop new supercomputing and grid technology. The SC2003 "Research in Indiana" booth was widely regarded as one of the best university exhibits at SC2003, and was visited by at least an estimated 4000 people - more than half the SC2003 attendees.

Research in Indiana 2003 
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SC 2003 (Official conference site)

SC2002 - Baltimore, MD

SC2002, held in Baltimore MD , was the third year of the "Research in Indiana" collaboration, featuring four of the state top institutions of higher education - Rose Hulman Institute of Technology, the University of Notre Dame, Purdue University and Indiana University. The 2002 "Research in Indiana" display was nominated for INITA's (Indiana Information Technology Association) Cyberstar Award.

Research in Indiana 2002 
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SC 2002 (Official conference site)

SC2001 - Denver, CO

Indiana University again teamed up with Purdue University, the University of Notre Dame, this time with additional participation of the Rose Hulman Institute of Technology. This booth received rave reviews; many conference attendees regarded it as one of the best and most effective displays on the exhibit floor.

Research @ Indiana 2001 
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SC 2001 (Official conference site)

SC 2000 - Dallas, TX

Indiana University teamed up with Purdue University and the University of Notre Dame to present "Research@Indiana." This innovative display marked the first time that all of the major research institutions of any state came together to promote the high-tech achievements of the entire state at the SC conference series.

Research @ Indiana 2000 
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SC 2000 (Official conference site)

SC 1999 - Portand, OR

Indiana University supported and provided equipment for the Internet2 at SC99.

SC 1998 - Orlando, FL

Indiana University and the Electronic Visualization Laboratory of the University of Illinois at Chicago teamed up to demonstrate the potential of Grid applications at SC98.

iGrid 98 
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Conference Proceedings

SC 1997 - San Jose, CA

SC97 marked Indiana University 's first research display at the annual IEEE/ACM Supercomputing conference. It was an auspicious beginning.

SC97 - Beyond Boundaries 
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Conference Proceedings