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PTI Centers Participate in Supercomputing 12 Conference



IU's booth at the annual Supercomputing conference (SC12) offered talks, demonstrations, and live hardware exhibits for visiting researchers, agency officials, and potential collaborators. Every PTI Center was well-represented in the IU booth, both with staff on hand to present their work throughout the exhibition days, as well as representing their research with technical presentations, videos, and demonstrations in the booth and in the booths of IU’s collaborators: Internet2/NOAA, Penguin Computing, University of Virginia, and XSEDE.

IU utilized a subway map theme in its printed materials and graphics in order to demonstrate the interconnected structure of PTI and the ties between each of the research and service centers.  IU staff scanned the badges of over 1300 visitors to the booth, nearly 15% of the total conference attendees, and Education and Outreach staff estimate that we met with about 1 in 5 of the attendees overall.

IU technical demonstrations included the IQ Tilt Table and a Makerbot 3-D printer, which printed items for visitors to the booth, while providing information on 3-D modeling and fabrication technologies.  In the booth, IU supported a demonstration within the 100-Gigabit network SCinet Research Sandbox in cooperation with Orange Networks to investigate Lustre over ROCE networking performance.  IU also hosted collaborators from the Geant Pan-European Research and Education Network in order to highlight international networking relationships.