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Makevention 2014

Project Leads: Jenett Tillotson, Nathan Heald, Therese Miller

High Performance File Systems (HPFS), High Performance Systems (HPS), Collaboration and Engagement Support (CESG), UITS Research Technologies

Makevention Crowd
Figure 1. Makers at work at Makevention 2014

The Makevention event brings together artists, technologists, sustainable recycling makers, gearologists and many more as a community of makers and learners. The August 30, 2014 event, held at the Bloomington Convention Center, marked Makevention’s second successful year. 

This event draws together the local community of makers of all ages. It encourages family participation in the art and science of making familiar items like soap, hats, and jigsaw puzzles. Parents can learn how to pick locks, become a ham radio operator, and debug a sensor that is outputting bad data. Kids can play ball with a robot, build a Lego robot, make a hat from old clothing, make soap, or try to crack a word challenge puzzle. While attendees are having fun with these activities, they’re also learning about science, engineering, or building through hands-on activity—making.

STEM learning is one of the main outcomes of this hands-on event. Parents encourage their children to participate in all activities which fosters an interest and curiosity in how things work, much like an interactive museum. By being free and open to the public, everyone is welcome and able to participate. 

The High Performance File System group provides high-speed, disk-based storage of data for IU researchers and operates the Data Capacitor II and the Data Capacitor Wide Area Network (DC-WAN).

The High Performance Systems (HPS) group implements, operates, and supports some of the fastest supercomputers in the world – IU’s Big Red II, the Quarry cluster, and the large memory Mason system – in order to advance Indiana University's mission in research, training, and engagement in the state.

The Collaboration and Engagement Support Group (CESG) helps Indiana University, PTI, and Research Technologies translate innovation into meaningful improvements in the quality of life for residents of the state of Indiana and the US (and world) as a whole.