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Immersive Visualization Bootcamp

Bill Sherman

Immersive Bootcamp Photo 1

Immersive Bootcamp Photo 1

Immersive Bootcamp Photo 3

The Advanced Visualization Lab collaborated with INL, Kitware Inc., and the University of Wyoming to present a multiday bootcamp with presentations on software and techniques to take advantage of immersive visualization facilities for the purposes of scientific visualization analysis. 

This bootcamp helps foster the growth of the community of immersive visualization researchers and users, and puts IU squarely in place as a leading institution within the community.  It helps IU's AVL develop new relationships with other groups within North America, and further cements our relationship with the Idaho National Lab, Kitware Inc. and the University of Wyoming.  It also leads to new immersive visualization opportunities for the AVL -- for example the installation of a Matlab interface for immersive displays now available on the AVL immersive facilities.

This event was supported as part of IU's Advanced Visualization Lab's effort of Bill Sherman's joint appointment with the Idaho National Lab.  It is a collaboration with INL as well as Kitware In. and the University of Wyoming, but it is led by IU's AVL.  This is the first of two initially planned bootcamps.  The second event will be held at the University of Wyoming's new CAVE (though the event is still led by AVL).

NSF GSS Codes:

Primary Field: Multidisciplinary Studies (980) - Science, Technology, and Society

Secondary Field: Computer Science (401) - Information Science/Studies