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IU hosts sixth annual Ready, Set, Robots Summer Camp

Robot Camp 

“Ready, Set, Robots” is a hands on summer activity targeting multiple age groups (grades 4-6, 6-8, 8-12).  A total of 48 young people participated in the June, 2012 event hosted at IU. The focus was on programming the robots – i.e., providing pre-constructed robots to the students. The programming challenges are then tailored to the specific age group and time constraints. The camp introduced teens to technology-related fields and concepts including computer programming, high performance computing, and networking as they work side by side with IU technology professionals and researchers. Using kits from the LEGO® Mindstorms® series, participants worked in small teams to learn the basic computer programming skills needed to command a robot to complete a set of predetermined tasks.

This is the sixth year of offering these workshops, which have become very successful.  Invitations from various STEM communities throughout the state are asking for our participation in other events. Our goal remains to spur interest in the youth in our state to consider science and technology and pursue a degree in a STEM discipline. This very directly affects the development of a 21st century workforce – and we hope the retention of this workforce within the state of Indiana.