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Big Red II Workshop at IUPUI

Project Leads: Abhinav Thota, Scientific Applications and Performance Tuning, UITS Research Technologies 

Collaboration and Engagement Support, UITS Research Technologies 

Big Red II Photo

Figure 1. The Indiana University Big Red ll supercomputer.

We presented a Big Red II workshop at IUPUI, targeted to researchers from the IU School of Medicine, and held in the nearby Glick Eye Institute building. Nearly 80 people signed up for the workshop, 40% of whom represented 34 departments in the IU School of Medicine. 

The workshop was an excellent opportunity for Research Technologies to showcase for an IUPUI audience Indiana University's flagship supercomputer Big Red II. The workshop built understanding of its design, architecture, and usage policies, and presented an opportunity to discuss various advanced topics in detail and in person. 

Big Red II is a Cray XE6/XK7 hybrid supercomputer, with both CPUs and GPUs. Because many users will experience some aspects of the machine as new or unfamiliar, the workshop was hands-on event.  The workshop covered included system policies, environment, compiling and running applications, CUDA and OpenACC, storage best practices, IU’s HIPAA-aligned cyberinfrastructure for protected health information, and some experiences from users at the School of Medicine. Speakers include experts from IU, Nvidia, NCSA and Cray. 

The broad communications that preceded the event helped draw a wide audience. SciAPT (Scientific Applications and Performance Tuning) and CESG (Collaboration and Engagement Support Group) in Research Technologies collaborated with the UITS Communications Office to publicize the event in various venues, including targeted mailing lists to IUPUI schools, the UITS IT Training website (, the monthly IU Cyberinfrastructure newsletter (, and UITS news vehicles ( 

The Scientific Applications and Performance Tuning (SciAPT) group delivers and supports software tools that promote effective and efficient use of IU’s advanced cyberinfrastructure – which, in turn, improves research and enables discoveries.

The Collaboration and Engagement Support Group (CESG) helps Indiana University, PTI, and Research Technologies translate innovation into meaningful improvements in the quality of life for residents of the state of Indiana and the US (and world) as a whole.