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Request to partner in IU's Cyberinfrastructure for Indiana Economic Development program

Program Guidelines

  1. Participants in the Indiana University Research Technologies / PTI Advanced Computing for Indiana Economic Development must be either:
    • An enterprise or business, located fully or substantially within Indiana, and registered or incorporated in the state.
    • A researcher at Indiana University, doing translational research. This is defined as work based on documented previous basic research, and aimed at developing commercially viable technology within two years.
  2. Potential participants will submit this form:
    • Describing the intended use of IU supercomputer resources
    • Defining the resources needed
    • Describing how access to IU supercomputer resources will aid the economy of Indiana
  3. The Potential participants must be the intended user of the IU supercomputer resources – the proposed work may not contain re-sale of IU computing resources to third parties.
  4. Development and production work will be done by the Potential Industrial Partner; Indiana University will provide machine time, software support, and operational support at no cost.
  5. The Potential Industrial Partner will file semi-annual reports (short projects need a single final report) outlining results as measured against project objectives.